5 Reasons to Hire a Professional Contractor

To some homeowners, it may seem like a good idea to attempt their own home renovation project to cut down on costs. But, even if you have DIY experience, there’s several key reasons to consider hiring a professional. Here’s five reasons to consider working with a remodeling company for your next home renovation project.

#1: Overall Money Savings

It may seem like going the DIY route with your home renovation will save you money, but it could actually end up costing you more. A job that’s half-done or one where the work is performed poorly can cost more than hiring a professional in the long run, once you factor in replacements and repairs. A contractor gets it right the first time. And if there’s a problem with his work, you’re not stuck footing the bill to correct it.

#2: Skills in Different Areas of Home Improvement

Along with experience comes expertise, and that’s something that can only be learned with time in the industry. A professional contractor has a team of skilled tradesmen who are experienced with every phase of construction, from demolition to finish carpentry.

#3: Safety That Protects You and Your Home

Safety is a top concern among all professional contractors. It means that a job is done right, and it also helps prevent injuries and property damage. A contractor knows the local and international code. That means you can count on the work to be code compliant. They understand OSHA regulations, so their team of professionals will maintain a safe and clean work environment.

#4: Respect for Your Property

Not only can a messy job site be hazardous,  it can also cause damage to other areas of your home. if the work area is not kept clean and properly cordoned off, dust and debris can cause damage to other rooms of the home. A contractor has a team of professionals that will respect your home, and ensure that the work area is kept clean.

#5: They’re Insured

If you attempt to do your own home renovation and you run into problems, you may be stuck footing the bill for damages. There are exclusions on most homeowners insurance policies for work that was not performed by a licensed contractor. If the damage was caused by your faulty workmanship (not by a sudden and accidental occurrence) the loss would not be covered by your homeowner’s policy. However, had you hired a contractor, you would not be liable.

At Renovations Unlimited, we know that choosing the right contractor for your renovation can be stressful. If you’re thinking about starting a home renovation, we’d love to talk to you about your South-Eastern Michigan area project, hear your ideas, and help you with the process!